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The Free UN Coalition for Access was founded inside the United Nations in 2012, when after accurate reporting on UN and affiliates' failure and and complicity in mass killings in Sri Lanka, Darfur and elsewhere resulted in threats to ban the Press, opposition was needed. Ultimately by 2018 under UNSG Antonio Guterres, the Press was ousted and banned - but will not desist, and continues reporting, not only court but also the UN. FUNCA!

UN Told Inner City Press You're Banned But Can Appeal So Letter Filed to Gilles Michaud Here

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BBC - Honduras - CIA book - NY Mag

UN GATE, Dec 5, 2022 audio For a United Nations "Civil Society Town Hall" meeting on December 2, 2022 Inner City Press was invited and had its RSVP confirmed - but on First Avenue, was told it is "banned from the UN." Tweeted audio here. Full 7 minute audio here.

 The Spokesperson for UN PGA Csaba Korosi, Paulina Kubiak, said that the appeals process is to writing to the UN Security Investigations Unit, and "Police Chief." That she subsequently despite the promises on the linked audio did not provide the addresses is telling. But the UN claims there is an appeals process.

So midday on December 5 Inner City Press sent its appeal to UN Security boss Michaud, with cc's to SG Antonio Guterres, DSG Amina J. Mohammed, the spokespeople, Melissa Fleming, and a dozen at the PGA's Office, which said there is an appeals process. Letter here. Watch this site.

Watch this site.


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