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FUNCA Calls For Ten Reforms to UN Media Rules Which Are Exclusionary and Archaic, Like UNCA

The UN's Media Access Guidelines and accreditation rules are an embarrassing anachronism. Therefore the Free UN Coalition for Access has presented to the chief of the UN Department of Public Information ten proposed reforms. The reasons a journalist can be excluded from the UN are vague, and there is no due process for the processing of complaints. We ask: how did UNCA, the UN's “partner” as it points out back to the time of the League of Nations, not press to change this? Why does the UN read more [...]

Fairness & Free Press Rights Pushed by FUNCA, UNCA Board Hoards Info

While the Free UN Coalition for Access presses for more information for all journalists, the old UNCA Executive Committee appears to only want benefits for its 15 members (or even just the Permanent Five, by analogy). On February 7, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon gave lunch and quotes to 13 UNCA Executive Committee members. But other resident correspondents, even UNCA members, received nothing until after 6 pm, and even then only four paragraphs on three topics. FUNCA had challenged this, read more [...]

Free Press Rights at UN Pressed by FUNCA, Amid Resistance to the New

 On the morning of February 5 ten stories above the East River, issue was joined between three representatives of the Free UN Coalition for Access and the top brass of the UN Department of Public Information.   Certain FUNCA-won reforms were confirmed, though not yet in writing. These include that, going forward, all correspondents will have equal and unfettered access to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's 38th floor meetings. Passes to cover the General Assembly will no longer be distributed through read more [...]

As DPI Refuses Some Questions & Won’t Put Some Agreed-To Reforms in Writing, FUNCA Presses Forward

On February 1, UN DPI official Stephane Dujarric provided "Answers" to some of the questions raised by the Free UN Coalition for Access at meeting with the chief of DPI. FUNCA immediately pointed out that many of the questions raised weren't answered, and some of the answers given weren't in Dujarric's letter. As simply two examples, FUNCA raised the exclusion of some for photo ops, including in favor of UNCA-run "pools." On January 17 FUNCA was told, no more UNCA pools, no more exclusion. But it read more [...]

As UN Tries to Limit Press Freedom & Access, & Its Partner UNCA Goes Along, FUNCA Won’t

The work of the Free UN Coalition for Access continues, on issues ranging from the UN's exclusion of the press from Ban Ki-moon's GA speech to its lack of due process for journalists. We'll use this post to raise another issue of how the UN limits accreditation. Beyond requiring and processing letters of support from governments for reporters' accreditation, in tortured language complete with brackets, the UN's Accreditation Requirement state that DPI "must be satisfied that the individuals applying read more [...]