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FUNCA Stands for Fairness

Since its launch on December 7, the Free UN Coalition for Access has begun exploring the many double standards in how the UN is and can be covered. On December 27, the UN released blue prints of which media organization get space in the renovated third and fourth floors. There is a 41% decrease in space, and what remains is being allocated unfairly. FUNCA raised a simple, sample issue. While a number of media organizations have been ousted from the UN office space for failure to meet the UN's stated read more [...]

FUNCA Asks a Question: Double Standards Much?

FUNCA Asks a Question: Represented by a FUNCA founder The New York Times has an office inside of UN Headquarters. But its door has been closed, without opening, for months. A thick pile of fliers, months old, clogs the doorway. There’s dust everywhere. But the UN is doing nothing, because it won't apply its rules equally to all. In fact, reporters who want to cover the UN are being denied access to UN Headquarters – on the grounds that there’s just not enough space to go around. And Big read more [...]

FUNCA Stands For Freedom, & a Multi-Party System

The Free UN Coalition for Access is about Freedom of the press for all United Nations Freedom of Information Non-involvement in and during UNConstitutional elections* Censorship not accepted, from anyone Accountability of public officials to answer questions  Is the loss of over 40% of media space acceptable? Will the loss’ impacts be fairly shared? A meeting is set for Dec 27, 3 pm. What about correspondents waiting in line for space? What about longtime correspondents still denied a read more [...]

Out with the old: UNCA Violates Its Constitution, Tries to Cling to Power After January 1

While FUNCA, since it was launched on December 7, is all about the future, it's telling that the UNCA Executive Committee has on December 14 announced without explanation it will try to violate its own constitution and stay on in power after January 1. Here's from UNCA's Constitution, Article 3, Section 3: "The members of the Executive Committee shall assume their duties on the first day of January following the election and shall hold office until the last day of December of the year. Elections read more [...]

Reasons of Some Who’ve Joined & Support FUNCA

Even in its beta phase, the Free UN Coalition for Access has been joined by correspondents already in the UN, and some who have been excluded. One sample of each:  "Congratulations on establishing FUNCA. Competition, open access and press freedom all go together. I would like to join. Joseph Klein, Canada Free Press" (Longer version on What is FUNCA) "Enlist me as a member of FUNCA.  That a dues-paid UNCA member is unable to attend UNCA's own press conferences/events because said correspondent read more [...]