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Out with the old: UNCA Violates Its Constitution, Tries to Cling to Power After January 1

While FUNCA, since it was launched on December 7, is all about the future, it's telling that the UNCA Executive Committee has on December 14 announced without explanation it will try to violate its own constitution and stay on in power after January 1. Here's from UNCA's Constitution, Article 3, Section 3: "The members of the Executive Committee shall assume their duties on the first day of January following the election and shall hold office until the last day of December of the year. Elections read more [...]

Reasons of Some Who’ve Joined & Support FUNCA

Even in its beta phase, the Free UN Coalition for Access has been joined by correspondents already in the UN, and some who have been excluded. One sample of each:  "Congratulations on establishing FUNCA. Competition, open access and press freedom all go together. I would like to join. Joseph Klein, Canada Free Press" (Longer version on What is FUNCA) "Enlist me as a member of FUNCA.  That a dues-paid UNCA member is unable to attend UNCA's own press conferences/events because said correspondent read more [...]

FUNCA Reform Proposals Delivered to UN, Some Granted, Some to Pursue

Soon after the beta launch of FUNCA, the first of its proposals for reform and increased media access were delivered to the UN, including  that Under Secretaries General hold regular press conferences, and answer questions that are asked; that correspondents who actually cover the UN, even if not from Western wire services, be given Resident status and space on an equal basis, and that the same apply to "pooling" arrangements for photo opportunities and coverage of UN meetings; that such read more [...]

UN Correspondents Association violates its own Constitution, trying to get Press thrown out of UN? Of space scams, Champagne and censorship?

This UN needs to be pressed on media access. But in 2012 the UNCA Executive Committee tried to censor and then expel, from UNCA and the UN. Meanwhile, $250 to see an UNCA award be given December 19 to Arnold Schwarzenegger (why?) and prizes given to its own executive committee members. And violating its own constitution, which required elections by Dec 15, and for the executive committee to leave office Jan 1. They have no powers after then, including to run elections. Here's from UNCA's Constitution, read more [...]

Voice of America Challenged Press Access, Citing Reuters & AFP

When the US government broadcaster Voice of America asked the UN on June 20, 2012 to "review" the accreditation status of Inner City Press, the UN Correspondents Association's president Giampaolo Pioli and first vice president Louis Charbonneau of Reuters claimed they had nothing to do with the request. On June 30, however, the two demanded that Inner City Press withdraw a Freedom of Information Act request it had filed for records related to VOA's complaint, or face a release of a one-sided UNCA read more [...]