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Reduction of Access, Scam 2-Question “Press Encounters” & Trolling by Insiders: FUNCA Protests

Problems of lack of access, for example the two-question press “encounter” of Ban Ki-moon last week, of bad working conditions and even of attempts to censor or undermine probing questions & coverage remain problems as we enter September. On September 3, the noon briefing was canceled in favor of a Ban press encounter in which only two questions were allowed. Reasonable requests by the Free UN Coalition for Access for a normal noon briefing, or more questions, were rejected. The excuse given read more [...]

FUNCA Protests Mere Two Question Ban Ki-moon “Press Encounter” on Syria, No Other Qs

Submitted to UN Spokesperson's Office prior to Tuesday's 2-question Ban Ki-moon "press encounter" on Syria: "The Free UN Coalition for Access opposes the cancellation of the daily noon briefing, particularly for a short media encounter on a single subject. Other questions, particularly on the DRC and Great Lakes, should be answered." Watch this site. read more [...]

With Correspondents Now Limited to UNSC Pen, DPI Must Explain & Have a Single Standard

For the August 21 Syria meeting of the UN Security Council, there was the most reduced press access to the Security Council in years. Already the media work table that existed at the stakeout before and during the renovation relocation was removed.   Last week, the UN Department of "Public" Information unilaterally changed the rules further, telling correspondents could no longer stand in the six foot wide space south of the entrance steps and north of the new Turkish Lounge.   The Free UN read more [...]

For Upcoming UNGA, After Protests by FUNCA, Media Seats To Be Added: “No Thanks to DPI,” Which Never Answered

    The upcoming UN General Assembly debate week will not be entirely closed to the media after all, the Free UN Coalition for Access has learned.   After two months of protests by FUNCA of the elimination of all 53 media seats in the interim General Assembly, on the morning of August 15 an official of the Department of General Assembly and Conference Management told FUNCA that now “some” media seats will be set aside of the GA floor. “I heard about your questions,” read more [...]