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In 2015, UN Officials Should Answer Questions, Not Given in Advance, No Set Asides

In 2015 at the UN, senior officials should without exception answer questions from the media. Questions should not be requested or given in advance, the Free UN Coalition for Access posits; if for some reason for example language they are, it should be disclosed. On disclosure more generally, the UN system starting with its Secretariat should have and abide by a Freedom of Information policy. On the right to impart information, the UN should adopt and apply content neutral access and accreditation read more [...]

In 2014, FUNCA Calls for SG Read-Outs, UN Answers, Equal & Increasing Access for All

As 2014 began, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the president of South Korea, whose office then gave the media a read-out. But the UN, even when asked on January 2, refused to give a read-out, telling the press, "we don’t put out readouts of all the calls.  I can confirm that this is a phone call that took place between the Secretary-General and the President of the Republic of Korea.  But no, there’s no readout of that call." The Free UN Coalition for Access says read-outs of Secretary read more [...]

FUNCA Calls For Ten Reforms to UN Media Rules Which Are Exclusionary and Archaic, Like UNCA

The UN's Media Access Guidelines and accreditation rules are an embarrassing anachronism. Therefore the Free UN Coalition for Access has presented to the chief of the UN Department of Public Information ten proposed reforms. The reasons a journalist can be excluded from the UN are vague, and there is no due process for the processing of complaints. We ask: how did UNCA, the UN's “partner” as it points out back to the time of the League of Nations, not press to change this? Why does the UN read more [...]

When UNCA Ended Its Constitution, Any Vestigial Legitimacy Was Gone, Opponents Shouted Down, Video Shows

What started in 2012 with censorship and rule breaking by the UN Correspondents Association has culminated in a total loss of legitimacy by the organization and its top officials. Video here. At UNCA's extraordinary general meeting of Friday December 21, 2012, contrary to UNCA's Constitution requiring elections by December 15 and the Executive Committee leaving power by December 31, motions were made to ignore the deadlines.     When it was pointed out that this didn't comply with the rules read more [...]

FUNCA Reform Proposals Delivered to UN, Some Granted, Some to Pursue

Soon after the beta launch of FUNCA, the first of its proposals for reform and increased media access were delivered to the UN, including  that Under Secretaries General hold regular press conferences, and answer questions that are asked; that correspondents who actually cover the UN, even if not from Western wire services, be given Resident status and space on an equal basis, and that the same apply to "pooling" arrangements for photo opportunities and coverage of UN meetings; that such read more [...]