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UN Cuts Media Phones, Delays Move: FUNCA Protests

On January 11, the UN announced that not only will media space at the UN be reduced by 40%, but the move back to the renovated building is being delayed until April. All UN phone lines that media have used, for example to call back the UN Peacekeeping missions and whistleblowers in the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire and Haiti, are being eliminated.  FUNCA has already written to the UN to protest both moves: -Please provide an explanation of the further delay to April of the move back to the renovated building. -FUNCA read more [...]

FUNCA Fliers Defaced for Coronation, “Election” with no Competition for Top Six Spots: Decay

Four weeks ago the Free UN Coalition for Access was launched, calling for more accountability from UN officials to answer questions, for multi-party democracy and for more fairness in the UN's treatment of the different media which cover it. On January 4 FUNCA's fliers with its statement of principles including Freedom of the Press, and UN Freedom of Information, were defaced and left up with "Looney Club" scrawled on them, and the word "media" crossed out.  Photo here. This then is UNCA's read more [...]

As FUNCA Thanks South Africa, Old Guard Groans Off Camera (Video here)

Still in its first month, the Free UN Coalition for Access is politely seeking to assert the right to more than a one-party system in the UN press corps. And so at the January 3 press conference by South African Ambassador Baso Sangqu, who after his two years on the Security Council is moving on to Addis, a "thanks" was offered on behalf of FUNCA. But the fill-in representative of the old, some say outdated group cut in rudely, "Jesus Christ."  There was no need for it: certainly there must be read more [...]

FUNCA Raises Questions, As UN Reduces Media Space

The UN on December 27 issued a proposed floor plan for media space, reduced by 40%, and asked for feedback by January 4. On the evening of January 3, the Freed UN Coalition for Access submitted the following, with some additional specifics. Watch this site. We question the UN's double standard in applying a three days a week rule to some media but not to others, for example to the New York Times. Until this disparity is answered, no media should lose desk space, and those who have lost it in the read more [...]

FUNCA Says: This is not democracy, this is decay. Out with the old, in with the FUNCA

The Free UN Coalition for Access since its launch on December 7, 2012 has begun advocating for more information, more fairness -- and more democracy, as in a more than one-party system. That work will expand in 2013. But for now we note that even within that one party, the level of actual democracy is low. When there is only one candidate for each top position, four the same as last year and the other two nominated / endorsed by the person relinquishing the post, it’s not democracy – it’s read more [...]