FUNCA and Its Being Targeted by Trolls Exposed in MediaBistro’s FishBowlNY: Forward

On a day that the UN again canceled its noon briefing, this time for a mere five question press conference by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon — the Free UN Coalition for Access continues to protest such briefing cancellations — anonymous and now counterfeit social media trolling targeting FUNCA_info was exposed, in MediaBistro’s FishBowlNY. It says of the Free UN Coalition for Access / @FUNCA_info) that the trolls have “pitched the imposter accounts to each FUNCA Twitter follower… creating confusion.” See article here. We run this to try to counteract the confusion these trolls have tried to create since January of this year. DPI was informed, at latest, on February 22. But it has continued. And so will FUNCA — pushing for more access. Watch this site.