FUNCA in the Field: Letter from Kismayu, Somalia & Eritrea Monitoring Group’s Right to Facebook Account Information?

There are many kinds of access needed from the United Nations — for the press, FUNCA’s founding mission; for disabled people as we noted last week; and for those chiming in from a place of danger, as below:

Subject: From Kismayu
Date: Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 10:31 AM
To: funca [at]

Hope all is going well with you, I am speaking from Somalia particularly from Kismayu, Lower Jubba region southern Somalia.

I am interested in providing information regarding the situation of Kismayu which is very precarious… There was recent fighting happening in the town. Many people had displaced from the town due to the fighting between the political groups of Kismayu. This caused many hundreds of people to die and others flee from the town where hundreds others had been injured. The situation is not OK as daily clashes happen between Reskiamboni supported by Kenyan forces and the other opposition including Al Shabaab.

So many people are in very bad situations, sometimes human right abuses happen in the town and even some explosions happens mainly IEDs nevertheless I will try to provide the information on daily basis, direct to you or you can give me regional offices which i can get in touch with for more regarding this situation in Kismayu.

Thanks and regards for Kismayu, Somalia.

Contact us through funca [at] or through Twitter, @FUNCA_info

And consider: the UN’s Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea’s recently released report on Somalia complains in Paragraph 169 that it “has received a significant rate of positive responses from private entities, with the exception of the United States-based company Facebook, which has not provided any information requested.” Should they? @FUNCA_Questions