UN Guterres Hits New Low, Ousts Press Covering His Failure to Audit CEFC, Bans Press from Budget Cttee, Cancels Presser, Spoonfeeding

June 25, 2018 — Today’s UN system has hit yet another new low, now on June 22 ousting the Press which asks about the CEFC bribery case and canceling SG Guterres belated press conference. Video here: https://youtu.be/9PSUDXllED4 But while Guterres is still listed for “remarks” to UNCA, it is not in the UN Media Alert, and there has been no response to an RSVP to cover despite the (false?) claim that it is “Open to All UN Correspondents.” On June 22 UN Lieutenant Dobbins targeted a media which had reported on his role in a promotion scam in UN Security, ignoring MALU rules. MALU, like Alison Smale, did nothing; Guterres’ spokesman when asked on June 25 refused to answer, despite answering on such matters as air conditioning.

Meanwhile Guterres’ spokesman Dujarric again privatized the UN Press Briefing Room on June 19, providing a private answer to a question about the UN HRC which many had asked then saying Press coverage of this was too aggressive. He has banned any live broadcasting of events and interchanges on the Secretary General’s 38th floor. First the SG’s Spokesman tried to ban even from photo ops any press which writes, and called any question about it “self-centered.” Then Guterres, unlike even Ban Ki-moon, closed his Senior Management Compact Ceremony to the press. Now it is livestreamed that is banned for the Press – but apparently not delegations and others. SG meetings are not listed in the public schedule. In UN Headquarters itself UN DPI has no content neutral rules for accreditation or the assignment of work-space and resident status, no due process for journalists (no hearings or appeals, no rules for restoration as resident correspondent, no Freedom of Information Act. This is Unacceptable. Watch this space.