With Media Banned from UNGA, Mere 12 Standing Room Spots Protested by FUNCA, Along with French Control of UNSC Congo Trip

The UN has increasingly been banning the media from covering events and venues which were previously open, for example the UN General Assembly Hall and the North Lawn building. The GA speakers’ list, rev. 3, is online here.

The Free UN Coalition for Access has challenged the exclusion of the press from the GA, first to the UN Department of Public Information then to DGACM on September 13. See http://youtu.be/v02ydEs4xm8

A booth without even laptops or a work table is not enough. And more stakeouts and Q&As must be provided. UN noon briefings should not be canceled, particularly not for mere two- or three-questions “press conferences.”

The problems extend to the Security Council, with the media is penned in without electrical outlets; access to the UNSC’s trip to Africa has been ceded to France. A full range of coverage and questions must be permitted and not cut off. This is unacceptable censorship, as are the anonymous social media trolling and now counterfeiting begun by board members of the Association that does not want its name used. UN Room S-310 should be for all journalists, not only those paying money. We’ll have more on this. See http://youtu.be/v02ydEs4xm8

Correspondents who have had their office space taken away and downgraded to a Green P pass are being blocked from re-entering the UN after “business hours,” even if their laptops are inside. To confine all media without UN office space to Conference Room 1, without even the stakeout around the corner that existed last year, is unacceptable. The UN must do better including on access. This is true not only for General Debate week, but for all year. This is true not only for media with offices in the UN, but for all those interested in covering the UN. Follow https://twitter.com/FUNCA_info