FUNCA Reform Proposals Delivered to UN, Some Granted, Some to Pursue

Soon after the beta launch of FUNCA, the first of its proposals for reform and increased media access were delivered to the UN, including

 that Under Secretaries General hold regular press conferences, and answer questions that are asked;

that correspondents who actually cover the UN, even if not from Western wire services, be given Resident status and space on an equal basis, and that the same apply to “pooling” arrangements for photo opportunities and coverage of UN meetings;

that such pooling, and the granting of first questions at briefings, not be done only though the UN Correspondents Association, given its history especially in the past year;

And — this point seems to have been granted on December 11 — that passes to cover meetings during the General Debate not be given through UNCA (again, given its history especially in the past year).

This history has included not only the attempt to expel and dis-accredit Executive Committee electees, but also the issuance of purported UNCA Executive Committee correspondence without addressing objections or taking a vote. Why participate in the trappings of democracy if it’s become an organization run by a clique?

The UN has been told, without rancor, that the era of one party system is over. FUNCA begins. Send reform proposals, complaints, suggestions, feedback to

[On December 9 there was a small response from the UN, and on Dec 11, more, one side of which with one exception is summarized above.]

UN officials absent without leave? Choosing questions based on content?

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said his administration would be open to the Press. But his top lawyer Patricia O’Brien never does press conferences. Under Secretary General Jeffrey Feltman has yet to do a sit-down press conference. He did take questions, without discrimination, at the Security Council stakeout, unlike USG for Peacekeeping Ladsous, see November 27, 2012 video here

and December 7, 2012 video here

And see the new: FOIA Appeal Shows UNCA Tried to Oust Press From UN, So FUNCA

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