As DPI Refuses Some Questions & Won’t Put Some Agreed-To Reforms in Writing, FUNCA Presses Forward

On February 1, UN DPI official Stephane Dujarric provided “Answers” to some of the questions raised by the Free UN Coalition for Access at meeting with the chief of DPI. FUNCA immediately pointed out that many of the questions raised weren’t answered, and some of the answers given weren’t in Dujarric’s letter. As simply two examples, FUNCA raised the exclusion of some for photo ops, including in favor of UNCA-run “pools.” On January 17 FUNCA was told, no more UNCA pools, no more exclusion. But it wasn’t in the letter. Nor was putting Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s New York City appearances in the UN’s daily Media Alert.

  Asked about these omissions from his letter,  Dujarric replied, “I think a number of the questions you raise were, in fact, answered to you in person during our meeting with last month.” Why would the positive or forward looking answers all be withheld? Why are UNCA “leaders” being allowed to tear down free speech flyers while maintaining a glassed-in bulletin board on which for months in 2012 they posted a letter of denunciation of the investigative Press? We hope to have more answers today, February 5. For now, we note that Dujarric’s letter was immediately made available online, here. Watch that site.