As FUNCA Thanks South Africa, Old Guard Groans Off Camera (Video here)

Still in its first month, the Free UN Coalition for Access is politely seeking to assert the right to more than a one-party system in the UN press corps. And so at the January 3 press conference by South African Ambassador Baso Sangqu, who after his two years on the Security Council is moving on to Addis, a “thanks” was offered on behalf of FUNCA. But the fill-in representative of the old, some say outdated group cut in rudely, “Jesus Christ.”  There was no need for it: certainly there must be room for two groups, multi-party democracy, in any UN with South Africa in it. Video here, from Minute 7:34. Click here for broader coverage of Amb. Sangqu’s press conference.

   But for now FUNCA fliers announcing its principles (Freedom, Fairness) are torn down. As was said in the first 15 seconds of the archived webcast, video here, UNCA or its representative are “normally antagonistic.”

  In fact in 2012 at least three of them tried to dis-accredit the Press, and met with the UN about it. And so, South Africa style, a new party or movement is born. Thank you, South Africa.