FUNCA Fliers Defaced for Coronation, “Election” with no Competition for Top Six Spots: Decay

Four weeks ago the Free UN Coalition for Access was launched, calling for more accountability from UN officials to answer questions, for multi-party democracy and for more fairness in the UN’s treatment of the different media which cover it.
On January 4 FUNCA’s fliers with its statement of principles including Freedom of the Press, and UN Freedom of Information, were defaced and left up with “Looney Club” scrawled on them, and the word “media” crossed out.  Photo hereThis then is UNCA’s response.

   And so the critique becomes more specific. In the January 8-10 UNCA election, already delayed contrary to the group’s supposed constitution, there is NO COMPETITION for the top six spots. Each candidate is running unopposed, as in North Korea.

   Four of the six are people who held the same position in 2012, when the UNCA Executive Committee went all out to expel and then sought to dis-accredit the investigative Press.

    So now we’ll name some names, starting with the top six who are “running” unopposed. The past and prospective first vice president of UNCA, told Voice of America that Reuters supported the VOA letter to get Inner City Press thrown out of the UN, click here for document obtained under the Freedom of Information.

 Reuters discussed suing Inner City Press for what it wrote — “Looney Club” indeed — and made inquiries with the US Mission to the UN.

   FOIA documents were twice sent for comment to the entire UNCA Executive Committee, without response. (Also on FOIA, Inner City Press is a media amicus in this just filed brief in McBurney v. Young, No. 12-17 of the US Supreme Court: Looney Club?)

   Agence France-Presse’ Tim Witcher told Voice of America that AFP supported the VOA letter to get Inner City Press thrown out of the UN, and would send its own letter. Witcher, like Charbonneau, is “running” again to stay on the UNCA Executive Committee.

   As noted in an earlier article about this “election,” the views on all this of the new president-designate, nominated by the four-year president now outgoing, from censorship to dis-accreditation bids to (now) the defacing of FUNCA’s fliers, are not yet known. It’s increasingly like another succession recently discussed but barely acted on in the UN Security Council.

  From UNCA members current and past, it has been noted that in this current unopposed slate the top two UNCA posts would both be filled by Americans. It’s been noted that nowhere in the Executive Committee is there any sub-Saharan African or African-American journalist.

   Is this the UN? FUNCA for its part will stay as far away as possible from this corrupt coronation which openly violates the UNCA constitution.

   FUNCA has told the UN Department of Public Information that the so-called “UNCA Club” should be designated more neutrally as the “UN Press Club,” same with the laughably named “UNCA Pantry;” the separate “UNCA Office” should be given to the journalists long waiting for work space in the UN. Watch this site.