FUNCA Raises Questions, As UN Reduces Media Space

The UN on December 27 issued a proposed floor plan for media space, reduced by 40%, and asked for feedback by January 4. On the evening of January 3, the Freed UN Coalition for Access submitted the following, with some additional specifics. Watch this site.

We question the UN’s double standard in applying a three days a week rule to some media but not to others, for example to the New York Times. Until this disparity is answered, no media should lose desk space, and those who have lost it in the past year should have it restored.

We urge the UN to assign the space currently labeled “UNCA Office” to journalists.

Since not all resident correspondents are members of UNCA, and since there is now another organization as well, we demand that the “UNCA” Club be designated the “UN Press Club” and that access to available to all resident correspondents. Same applies to the absurdly named “UNCA Pantry.”

We urge the UN to resolve the issues of the “J” or Japan room to the satisfaction of all Japanese media organization which have been covering the UN in the past three years…

If the UN has reduced media space by 41%, shouldn’t it change its rule that only those with assigned office space can get a “White P” pass and come into the UN without passing through metal detectors on 46th Street?

Another disparity: once a large wire service has office space, any of its personnel can apparently get a White P pass, regardless of how infrequently they come. Meanwhile smaller media who actually come, but don’t get space under this system, are kept with a “Green P” pass, and must pass metal detectors each time, sometimes missing photo ops, stakeouts or press conferences.

These things must change. We will await your response; thank you for your time.