FUNCA Says: This is not democracy, this is decay. Out with the old, in with the FUNCA

The Free UN Coalition for Access since its launch on December 7, 2012 has begun advocating for more information, more fairness — and more democracy, as in a more than one-party system. That work will expand in 2013.

But for now we note that even within that one party, the level of actual democracy is low. When there is only one candidate for each top position, four the same as last year and the other two nominated / endorsed by the person relinquishing the post, it’s not democracy – it’s decay.The right response to such an offer is to just say no.

After a year that saw a loss of 40% of media space at the UN, amid unseemly attempted to dis-accredit that were questioned by the NY Civil Liberties Union, one would expect those responsible to step back. But most are running again; two who are leaving are nominating their successor, to run unopposed. This is decay.

Also indicative of decay: simple fliers pointing these facts out were ripped down on January 31. So new ones went up. Out with the old, in with the FUNCA.

The Free UN Coalition for Access is about

Freedom of the press for all
United Nations Freedom of Information
Non-involvement in and during UNConstitutional elections
Censorship not accepted, from anyone
Accountability of public officials to answer questions

This last applies to Under Secretaries General who refuse to hold press conferences, such as Patricia O’Brien of Legal Affairs, and to a USG who openly refuses questions he doesn’t like from particular media, DPKO’s Herve Ladsous. Watch this space.