FUNCA Stands For Freedom, & a Multi-Party System

The Free UN Coalition for Access is about
Freedom of the press for all
United Nations Freedom of Information
Non-involvement in and during UNConstitutional elections*
Censorship not accepted, from anyone
Accountability of public officials to answer questions

 Is the loss of over 40% of media space acceptable? Will the loss’ impacts be fairly shared? A meeting is set for Dec 27, 3 pm. What about correspondents waiting in line for space? What about longtime correspondents still denied a pass with a White P, simply due to a lack of space? We will see, on Dec. 27 and after. 

There has still been no mention much less accountability for dis-accredition attempts, much less the failure to advocate to make these Under Secretaries-General hold briefings and answer questions. Why then the first questions, and special pass and pooling rights? There must be room for a least a two party system, & no favoritism by DPI & its Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit (see Dec. 26).

* – Ignoring their Constitution, the outgoing President has scheduled elections in January – and endorsed his presumed successor, very close to the UN, and a repeat of the power behind the throne, who twice tried to dis-accredit. The “new blood” rationale is laughable, with retired correspondents seeking to return, claiming “legitimacy.” We’ll have more on this.