UN Free Press?

FUNCA — the Free United Nations Coalition for Access — is being launched in 2013 as evidence has emerged under the Freedom of Information Act that the officers of the UNCA Executive Committee actively sought the expulsion of smaller investigative media from the UN, and met with UN officials (“very quietly”) about this. And so, FUNCA begins.

FUNCA questions how the United Nations can make UNCA, which represents less than 225 of the 2500 journalists accredited to to the UN each year, a formal party to the UN’s Media Access Guidelines.

There is a range of accreditation issues on which the UN must do better, and on which it the UN has not been pressed of late. And so we ask: How does the UN decide whom to accredit, and whom to review? See, http://www.nyclu.org/news/nyclu-requests-review-of-uns-process-accrediting-journalists

Contact us if you’ve been denied access to the UN, or see things that could work better, or have an event to announce: funca [at] funca.info

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