Out with the old: UNCA Violates Its Constitution, Tries to Cling to Power After January 1

While FUNCA, since it was launched on December 7, is all about the future, it’s telling that the UNCA Executive Committee has on December 14 announced without explanation it will try to violate its own constitution and stay on in power after January 1.┬áHere’s from UNCA’s Constitution, Article 3, Section 3:

“The members of the Executive Committee shall assume their duties on the first day of January following the election and shall hold office until the last day of December of the year. Elections of the Executive committee shall be held between November 15 and December 15.”

But on December 14, the day before the election had to be held, this UNCA Executive Committee simply announced that it would not hold the election before the end of the year. There is an obvious legal problem: they have no powers after January 1, they have no power to run an election after January 1. They are, in essence, trying to stay in power unconstitutionally. And their partner the UN refuses to comment.