Reasons of Some Who’ve Joined & Support FUNCA

Even in its beta phase, the Free UN Coalition for Access has been joined by correspondents already in the UN, and some who have been excluded. One sample of each:  “Congratulations on establishing FUNCA. Competition, open access and press freedom all go together. I would like to join. Joseph Klein, Canada Free Press” (Longer version on What is FUNCA)

“Enlist me as a member of FUNCA.  That a dues-paid UNCA member is unable to attend UNCA’s own press conferences/events because said correspondent has chosen to leave corp media (ABC News) and work freelance (therefore being deprived of any resident UN passes or UN access to cover events) is highly objectionable and reveals quite pointedly, the Elitism and closed nature of the UN and its circle of journalists. – Trish S”