UN Cuts Media Phones, Delays Move: FUNCA Protests

On January 11, the UN announced that not only will media space at the UN be reduced by 40%, but the move back to the renovated building is being delayed until April. All UN phone lines that media have used, for example to call back the UN Peacekeeping missions and whistleblowers in the Congo, Cote d’Ivoire and Haiti, are being eliminated.  FUNCA has already written to the UN to protest both moves:

-Please provide an explanation of the further delay to April of the move back to the renovated building.
-FUNCA objects to the elimination of the UN phone lines, which as noted prove useful in covering UN Peacekeeping missions in the DRCongo, Cote d’Ivoire and Haiti.  Now it is unilaterally announced that the lines and long-used telephone numbers are gone. FUNCA asks for an explanation, and objects.
-Finally, for now (this supplements FUNCA’s previous “feedback” letter), this is a request that the “final” floor plans be sent be e-mail, as the earlier ones were. If it was thought that e-mail of the scanned plans was the best way to make correspondents aware of the draft plans, why not the final plans? 
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